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Hello, greet to fans of the Swamp Thing series, I have good news for you.. There is the newest episode available. You can watch for free, but, the number of free slots is limited. To prevent overloading our servers, only registered users can watch.

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The appearance of a lethal virus causes CDC researcher Abby Arcane to return to her hometown, right in the middle of the marshes in Louisiana. She quickly finds unexpected help in the person of Alec Holland, a scientist with amazing theories. Unfortunately, he is tragically abducted. As supernatural forces make their appearance, Abby soon realizes that the Creature she saw emerge from the water is none other than Alec himself.

In the early 1970s DC Comics first published stories with the herbal hero called “Swamp Thing”. In it, the biologist Alec Holland mutated by a failed experiment for monsters and went to live in the swamps. In 1982, horror director Wes Craven filmed the comic and in the early 1990s followed a TV series.


Crystal Reed – Abby Arcane

Virginia Madsen – Maria Sunderland

Andy Bean – Alec Holland

Derek Mears – Swamp Thing

Henderson Wade – Matt Cable

Maria Sten – Liz Tremayne

Will Patton – Avery Sunderland

Jennifer Beals – Lucilia Cable

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