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          Development status of domestic sheet metal processing industry
          Release Time:2019-04-28View count:201

          The sheet metal processing industry is closely related to our daily lives. Although it only accounts for 20% to 30% of the proportion compared to metal processing, almost all manufacturing industries involve sheet metal processing, such as the power industry, machine tool industry, food machinery, textiles, electrical appliances, instruments, equipment, electricity, network, sanitation, cabinet sanitation, office, and so on; The specific products include: high and low voltage cabinets, control cabinets, control boxes, electrical boxes, trash cans, equipment and machine casings, network cabinets, computer cases, electrical instrument casings, stainless steel kitchen and bathroom equipment, office furniture products, subway products, and so on.

          The presentation of the sheet metal processing industry is mainly to provide supporting sheet metal processing for domestic and foreign mechanical manufacturing enterprises, which is of certain importance for improving the mechanical manufacturing industry, communication and electronics industry, automotive and shipbuilding industries. It can be said that mechanical manufacturing enterprises have cultivated the sheet metal processing industry, and the sheet metal processing industry has promoted the rapid development of mechanical manufacturing enterprises.

          With the gradual rise of these industries in China, sheet metal industry clusters have emerged in regions with fast economic development or prosperous manufacturing industries. In places such as Shenzhen in the the Pearl River Delta, Suzhou in the Yangtze River Delta, and Cangzhou in the Bohai Rim Economic Zone, there are dozens to hundreds of industrial clusters, forming a local industry chain.

          Statistical data shows that in 2016, the export scale of China's sheet metal processing industry products was 74.941 billion yuan, and in 2020, the export scale of China's sheet metal processing industry products was 89.493 billion yuan.