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          How to Ensure the Quality of Sheet Metal Parts in Sheet Metal Processing Plants
          Release Time:2019-04-28View count:141
          Sheet metal processing technology is the process of processing metal materials into chassis, cabinets, equipment shells, and other sheet metal parts. The sheet metal processing process includes design, procurement, planning, cutting (CNC stamping, laser cutting), bending, stamping, welding, polishing, surface treatment, spraying, silk screen, assembly, packaging, shipping, and other processes. The required processing process varies depending on the actual sheet metal parts.

          Design refers to the design of drawings, and sheet metal processing is carried out through processing equipment. Designing samples into drawings and decomposing processes can help improve processing efficiency and accuracy. Sheet metal engineers can use software tools such as SolidWord to design drawings, which can be divided into two types: two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings. The three-dimensional drawings can quickly understand the structure of sheet metal processing parts, while the two-dimensional drawings can clearly explain the dimensions and processing requirements of the product.

          By decomposing the drawings, the required process and materials for sheet metal parts can be determined, and procurement can be carried out based on the list of materials. After the material is purchased, the cutting process can be carried out. At this time, it is necessary to choose the appropriate cutting method based on the actual situation. Plate shears, digital punches, and lasers are all cutting equipment, and different cutting methods have different efficiency and costs.

          Our company specializes in hardware mold design, mold production, hardware stamping, precision sheet metal processing, customized chassis and cabinets, CNC punching machine sampling, bending hand plate sampling, and other one-stop services for hardware components. Since its establishment in 2003, the company has strictly adhered to the ISO9001 international quality management system as the standard, striving to create a healthy, comfortable, and safe working environment, and cultivating a group of experienced and technically proficient outstanding management talents.

          At the same time, in order to have strong production capabilities in sheet metal, stamping, and machining, the company continuously introduces advanced and high-speed precision sheet metal processing equipment at home and abroad. This includes but is not limited to the Amada AE2510NT CNC punch machine from Japan, the Amada fiber high-power laser machine, and the Amada RG M2 1003 bending machine; 35T-200T Taiwan Xieyi, Jinfeng punch press, III300MM Wanhao digital measurement projector, etc.

          The company has been growing and progressing! Adhering to the quality policy of "strict management, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction", we have won deep praise from our customers.