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          Production standards for hard shell structural components of new energy vehicle power batteries
          Release Time:2019-10-29View count:141

          The electrification of automobiles continues to deepen, and the power battery industry is entering a new cycle of prosperity. As the core safety component of power batteries, structural components will experience rapid development. Hard shell structural components are composed of a cover plate and a shell, which can be divided into cylindrical and square types according to packaging technology. They have functions such as energy transmission, fixed support, power outage and pressure relief.

          In hard shell structural components, the cover plate has rich functions, and the explosion-proof valve and flip plate are the main safety components, with strict sensitivity requirements. The cover plate has functions such as current conduction, pressure relief, fuse protection, and reducing electrical corrosion, and the material is transitioning from stainless steel to copper aluminum composite material. Among them, the explosion-proof valve design plays a major role in battery safety protection. When the internal pressure exceeds the opening pressure of the explosion-proof valve, the explosion-proof valve ruptures from the scratch and releases pressure. The top cover of lithium iron phosphate system batteries mostly adopts a single explosion-proof valve structure, with an opening pressure of 0.4~0.8MPa for the explosion-proof valve; The ternary system battery adopts a dual protection form of explosion-proof valve and SSD. The SSD overturning pressure is between 0.45~0.55MPa, which is lower than the opening pressure of the explosion-proof valve (0.75~1.05MPa). In case of abnormal battery conditions, it is fused before the explosion-proof disc for protection. Therefore, the stability of the opening pressure of the explosion-proof valve and the flipping plate is a key technical indicator, and generally requires PPK ≥ 1.67.

          The composite pole top cover structure improves space occupancy. The battery capacity and energy density are directly affected by the occupancy rate and weight of the top cover space. With the continuous improvement of processing technology, the composite pole top cover structure used in hard shell structural components reduces the height from the pole to the top cover plate to 3.3mm, which is 4.0mm lower than the injection molded top cover structure. The space occupancy rate of the top cover design continues to increase, and the height of the battery cell electrodes correspondingly increases, thereby improving the battery capacity and energy density.

          The processing technology is constantly improving, and the production process of the cover plate is becoming more complex. The manufacturing of lithium battery structural parts belongs to precision manufacturing. The production process of hard shell structural part cover is more complex than that of shell, including stamping, cleaning, welding, injection molding and other process steps. The cover plate with high performance needs laser welding technology and friction welding technology support and corresponding processing equipment, so there is a certain technical barrier in manufacturing.

          Dongguan Fuhong Hardware Co., Ltd. is a hardware stamping processing enterprise that serves industries such as automobiles, industry, healthcare, new energy, and photovoltaics. It specializes in one-stop services for hardware mold design, mold production, precision hardware stamping, battery panels, heat dissipation fins, sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, CNC punching machine samples, bending hand plate samples, and other hardware components. With strong research and development capabilities, new products in new technologies, materials, and forming processes have emerged one after another, receiving widespread praise in the industry.

          At the same time, in order to have strong production capabilities in sheet metal, stamping, and machining, the company continuously introduces high-speed precision sheet metal processing equipment from both domestic and foreign countries. This includes but is not limited to the Amada AE2510NT CNC punch machine from Japan, the Amada fiber high-power laser machine, and the Amada RG M2 1003 bending machine; 35T-200T Taiwan Xieyi, Jinfeng punch press, III300MM Wanhao digital measurement projector, etc.