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          What are the application fields of precision sheet metal processing
          Release Time:2019-04-28View count:75
          Sheet metal processing generally involves processing relatively flat steel plate materials, including bending, cutting and other processing techniques. However, this processing method is also divided into rough machining and precision machining. Due to the characteristics of low cost, high strength, and light weight, sheet metal products can be widely used in the automotive industry, medical devices, supermarkets, public facilities, etc., such as tablets, computer hosts, mobile phones, computer screens, refrigerators, plant racks, etc., which are used in our daily lives. Therefore, sheet metal products are ubiquitous in our daily lives.

          With the increasingly widespread application of sheet metal, the requirements for sheet metal are also increasing. In fact, the overall requirements for sheet metal parts are not very high, only focusing on assembly, while the requirement for precision sheet metal is to strictly implement tolerances. If the energy assembly exceeds the standard, the tolerance requirements are also higher than normal, so the requirements for precision sheet metal processing will be more stringent. In general, the metal forming parts of various electromechanical products mostly use sheet metal technology, with stamping technology suitable for mass production and CNC sheet metal technology suitable for precision production.

          Due to the high requirements and difficulty of precision machining for sheet metal parts, the application scope of precision sheet metal parts will be significantly different from other sheet metal parts. Generally speaking, precision sheet metal processing is mainly used in the communication and electronic industries, as well as the precision instrument industry, and also has applications in the elevator manufacturing industry.

          The communication and electronics industries have developed very rapidly in recent years, and the iterative updates of products are also very fast. Now that we have entered the 5G era, there will be even greater updates in the future. The communication and electronics industry is one of the fastest growing industries in recent years and currently one of the industries that applies precision sheet metal processing the most. Due to its rapid technological updates, increasingly diverse products, and timely consumption characteristics, there are also many processing processes and high processing requirements, so the industry faces significant market risks. Most well-known domestic and foreign enterprises outsource sheet metal processing business, Devote more company resources to technology research and development.

          Precision sheet metal processing has many applications in the manufacturing of precision electronic instruments, and the processing requirements are also very strict. It can be said that the quality of precision sheet metal processing technology can weigh the strength of an enterprise in this industry. However, relying solely on precision sheet metal processing cannot complete the entire assembly process of electronic instrument precision parts, and some small parts can only be imported from abroad.

          Most parts in the elevator industry are made up of precision sheet metal processing, and the number of elevator parts is very large. Generally speaking, large elevator manufacturers have dozens of parts suppliers providing OEM services.

          Dongguan Fuhong Hardware Co., Ltd., as a neutral enterprise specializing in mold design and production, hardware accessory punching machine processing, and precision sheet metal processing, has strong production and processing capabilities. With experienced senior engineering research and development personnel, a well-trained team of quality assurance engineers, and various precision equipment, we have won high praise from our customers.