Apex Legends game

We do not need to introduce anyone to the rules of battle royale, but just in case I start from the beginning. Currently, one of the most-anticipated games is apex legends mobile download. The player has a choice of one of six characters-legends (in fact one of eight or more, because two can be unlocked over time or simply paying for it, and when unlocked, there is information that more heroes will be available soon). Now you can play Apex Legends mobile download. Each character has unique characteristics and special abilities (like the ability to send healing drone, create a protective shield or scan the area in search of enemies). After selecting your avatar, the user goes to the 3-person team and along with dozens of other teams is assigned to the island. Certainly many players await the Apex Legends mobile download. At the beginning, everyone is bare as a Turkish saint, so the game always starts with a feverish search for equipment – weapons, rounds, shields etc. – virtual spaces scattered in various nooks and crannies. The hit of this year when it comes to mobile games will be Apex Legends android download.

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